For many companies, managing different management systems can be a headache. Especially when there are distinct computerized tools to do this.

Inova Biotecnologia shows how integrating tools can help in management, as well as improve process quality, increase the level of information control and security and increase performance.

Inova Biotecnologia, created from the merger of Eurofarma and Hertape Saúde Animal, has improved the quality of its processes and increased the level of security of sensitive information using a platform of corporate solutions for management excellence.

The company specializes in the production of the modern vaccine for hoof-and-mouth disease called Aftomune, a highly purified and safe vaccine for prevention and used in the hoof-and-mouth disease eradication program in Brazil.

Operating in the national and international market (Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Venezuela) for the production of the hoof-and-mouth disease vaccine, the company was suffering from a lack of integration between different computerized management tools, poor access control of managed contents and reduced performance in content management and the elaboration of graphical analyses, directly interfering with the overall performance of the company.

In order to meet the needs for document management and fix bottlenecks in graphic analyses and the computerization of forms, Inova Biotecnologia adopted SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite), a platform of corporate solutions for management excellence, process improvement and regulatory compliance.

According to Inova’s IT coordinator, Edson Morais, the company achieved significant gains in performance, quality, productivity, agility, time, control and cost savings (reduction in document printing) and was able to increase information security levels. Morais also highlights important benefits such as the standardization of processes and the elimination of parallel systems to control operations.

According to the IT Coordinator, SE Suite is a flexible and complete solution. The manager says that few customizations were required and that the reports, queries and business regulations contained in the SE Suite components were able to handle most of the functional and technical needs of the company. “The flexibility, integration and low environmental modification requirements are technical factors that make the solutions attractive and easy to manage,” says Morais.

The solution serves the areas of IT, quality assurance, quality control, production, biosafety, warehousing, human resources, personnel department, environment, work safety, financial, purchasing, billing and technical responsibility. The system is used by about 90 employees. Among them are Thaís Uchiyama and Lilian Tais, from the Quality Assurance sector.

“The implementation has fully met the needs of our team to adapt to Inova’s existing processes, and the tool has lived up to our expectations with regard to the parameterization of the software,” says Thaís. It has served us for all our needs to implement processes executed with the tool,” Lilian adds.

Next steps

To further increase integration across different sectors, Inova is now preparing to substitute the company’s current maintenance control system with the compatible modules in SE Suite, as well as intensify the use of modules such as SE Problem Manager, for problem management, SE Risk, for risk management and controls, and SE Training, for the planning and control of training.

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Rodrigo Brum


Rodrigo Brum

Communication Manager at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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