Multidimensional Indicators: results for indicators are just one click away

Multidimensional indicators allow for more sophisticated management of targets and results. Learn about this new resource!

Now it is easier to manage indicators with common features, such as areas, teams and regions. Multidimensional Indicators are here from SoftExpert Performance.

How does it work?

When creating an indicator, just choose the “Multidimensional” option. Multidimensional indicators allow for more sophisticated control, with individualized or grouped interpretation of targets and measurements. With this, you can open up more dimensions for regular indicators without having to leave the indicator registration screen.

Then just check the results on the same screen and keep track of consolidated measurements or of each dimension.

What is the advantage of multidimensional indicators?

Multidimensional indicators provide real, precise and detailed information that you can use to make decisions. They can help to change direction and achieve success by pointing to the root cause of problems and can even identify how each “part” is contributing to attaining results.

Tracking of Multidimensional Indicators

Tracking of Multidimensional Indicators

For instance, your organization’s punctuality and attendance indicator can be opened up to facilitate individualized interpretation by area, by team and even by employee.

See how simple it is?

Marlon Quandt


Marlon Quandt

SoftExpert’s CPM Product Owner. Graduate of UDESC with a degree in Information Systems.

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