Meet SoftExpert Gamification

Check out the new SoftExpert Gamification and promote professional development in your company through gamification.

Have you ever thought about how to make everyday tasks more exciting and engaging for your company’s employees? What if there was a way to boost your team’s productivity?

Well, now it’s possible!

Meet SoftExpert Gamification!

Gamification component score ranking.

The new component is one of the features of SoftExpert Suite 2.2.2. It gamifies non-game contexts to motivate and engage users.

This includes using reward systems, competitions, engaging narratives, and immediate feedback to create a more interactive and rewarding experience.

Design personalized challenges tailored to various activities, training sessions, or processes, exploring diverse goals and reward redemption options.

New component: Meet SoftExpert Data Lab

Benefits of gamification:

  1. Increased engagement: Transforms activities into engaging and enjoyable experiences, motivating users to participate actively and remain engaged for extended periods.
  2. Greater productivity: By transforming tasks into challenges, gamification can motivate users to achieve their goals more efficiently, leading to a boost in productivity.
  3. Customer loyalty: Rewarding and recognizing active users can boost customer loyalty and encourage frequent engagement with your product or service.
  4. In-depth data analysis: Gamification provides a rich source of data on user behavior, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights to refine their engagement strategies.
Learn more about these and other new features of SoftExpert Suite 2.2.2 by accessing the Release Notes.

Access the Release Notes

    Ana Paula Anton


    Ana Paula Anton

    Ana Paula Anton is a Product and Market Analyst at SoftExpert. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in Production Engineering. She has experience in the areas of Processes and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems, in addition to expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices, Risk Management, Audits, Process Validation and Qualification, Cause Analysis, CAPA, FMEA and Validation of Computerized Systems.

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