Validating acquired knowledge is part of the learning process. This usually occurs with a test, applied at the end of the course or training.

Available in version 2.1.1, SoftExpert Training provides a new way to evaluate users: the application of tests in a segmented manner, that is, during the execution of a specific training course.

To make this easier to understand, let’s use an example. Imagine that you have designed a training course that is divided into different sections with different kinds of content (videos, texts, links, audio). With the new version, you can design an evaluation questionnaire to apply at the end of each section. You can set a minimum passing grade and the number of tries the student has to attain it. Only after attaining this score can the student proceed to the next sections (and even view them, when configured for this).

The final grade can be obtained automatically by consolidating the results of the tests carried out during the training.

Segmented evaluation

This is just another feature to give you the flexibility you need to design and evaluate training courses your way. We hope you like it!

Giovanni Vegini


Giovanni Vegini

Product Owner das soluções de HDM na SoftExpert. Pós graduado em Gestão Empresarial pela Sustentare Escola de Negócios.

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