A New Beginning Full of Hope

Can you imagine having to leave your home, friends, family, and country in a hurry? It’s really difficult, isn’t it? Now, try to imagine going through all of that after experiencing the fifth deadliest earthquake of the last 20 years, which resulted in over 50,000 deaths and left millions of people homeless. It’s even hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Having to start life over in a new country and a new culture, amid terrible memories, is the reality of many refugees and immigrants, who still suffer from lack of housing and access to the job market. According to the UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR, more than 108.4 million people were forced to leave their homes in 2022.

Rami Nashed, his wife Hania Shukri, and their two children went through this dreadful experience and had to leave everything behind on February 6th when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and northwest Syria. However, they found the support they needed to rebuild their lives in Brazil, a country internationally recognized for its hospitality.

Hania Shukri, Jad e Julia.

The city chosen for the new beginning was Joinville, as they had acquaintances there who promptly offered them shelter. Gradually, a network of solidarity was formed, with people donating clothes, food, and scholarships for the children.

A report produced by the team from “Balanço Geral” on the ND+ channel shared some of this story at the end of February. You can check out more details here:


Nearly six months after experiencing one of the most severe natural disasters in the region in the recent decades, the family is now settled in Joinville and considers Brazil their home. Rami Nashed secured a job opportunity at SoftExpert, working as a technical commercial consultant. Besides his expertise in the field, Rami is fluent in English, Turkish, and Arabic (his native language), which are essential requirements for the company that has branches in 10 countries, including Turkey, and is expanding its operations in the Middle East and Gulf region.

Rami Nashed

Rami mentioned that he is really enjoying his experience working at SoftExpert and has received warmth and support from all the employees. We certainly learned a lot from your story, Rami. We at SoftExpert are happy to be part of this new beginning!

You can find more details about Rami’s family and their current situation in a report produced by the “Balanço Geral” team on ND+.


Best wishes for success, Rami!



    Juliana Silva


    Juliana Silva

    Communication Analyst at SoftExpert, Juliana Silva has a degree in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in business communication and public relations, with six years of experience in the areas of Press Office and Corporate Communication.

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