When planning activities that need to be executed, a number of questions often come to mind for the manager: What is the workload allocated to each technician? Am I over-allocating some technicians while others are idle? Will the deadlines be met, given the amount of labor available?

To help answer these questions and eliminate the use of backlog management worksheets and resource activities, SE Suite provides a management dashboard that assists in the management of these tasks. The dashboard allows for quick decision-making, taking into consideration the redistribution of tasks, team workload and the (re)prioritization of activities.


The management dashboard gives the manager a view of resource allocations for the selected period, allowing for daily, weekly or monthly analysis, with just a single click to toggle between the views. In addition to the per-period view, the feature also allow you to filter both the activities and the technicians, providing the needed information instantly.

With features like drag and drop for allocations, the manager can drag an activity to a technician and/or a specific day of the desired period, allowing the manager to define how many hours are needed for that technician in a given period.

By expanding the resource data, you can see in which activities this resource is allocated, allowing for a broad overview of resource availability, independent of the component used.


In addition to defining the resources allocated to the activity, the features also allow you to redefine the planning dates, modify the description of what should be done, as well as choose the team/executor who will be responsible for the registration, and all without having to switch menus in the system.


Furthermore, the features allow you to view in which activities each resource is allocated and for how long, as well as making it possible to send the batch of activities to the next stage, with the certainty that there are resources allocated and available for its execution.

This feature is available in SE Asset, SE Maintenance and SE Calibration. We hope it can help improve the productivity of your processes!

Gustavo Moreira


Gustavo Moreira

Product Owner of the EAM solution at SoftExpert. MBA in IT Governance by Sustentare Business School.

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