Hermes Pardini is one of the three main Brazilian players in the laboratory support segment. The institute has 122 units and provides services for clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging, vaccines, functional tests, cryopreservation and human and veterinary genetics.


According to Irilda de Oliveira Costa, Project and Innovation manager, the company identified the need to implement an idea management program. The goal was to create an innovative environment, improving organizational performance with a focus on increasing revenue, reducing costs, customer satisfaction and process improvement.

The Solution

To meet this challenge, the company invested in the SoftExpert Excellence Suite, a platform for management excellence, process improvement and regulatory compliance, with 38 natively integrated modules that make up 12 business solutions.

“With SoftExpert Excellence Suite, we created the ‘iO2’ Innovation Program, a structured channel that allows for the transit and analysis of collaborator initiatives,” Irilda explains.

The system allows for the registration of the idea and its follow-up in all stages, through a structured and automated process. The solution was made available to all employees and areas of the company, with different security and management levels. Managers, for example, have access to a portal that has a Panel with graphics of results indicators and data cross-referencing.

The Results

According to Irilda de Oliveira Costa, Project and Innovation manager, the Innovation Program fostered an innovative environment and boosted the company’s organizational performance.

“Collaborators participate by accessing the SoftExpert Excellence Suite and filling out a form that starts the process. Just in the 2017/2018 cycle, the platform had 1,600 accesses, 202 ideas registered, with 163 completed and 7 under evaluation, 15 in progress and 2 ideas have already been implemented,” the manager highlights.

The ideas implemented in this first cycle were: dry ice cost reduction – development, prototyping, testing and pilot project with the new box model for transporting samples, resulting in a reduction in dry ice costs; and the preparation of samples with protein 96-well filtration plates – development and validation of plate use for toxicological tests, resulting in an increase in productivity and a reduction in labor and reagent costs.

“The whole project was carried out by the TNX team (a SoftExpert business partner), committed to participating in the design and implementation of the process. The work was done in a competent and dedicated manner, with a detailed and meticulous study for a decision of great strategic importance for our company,” Irilda concludes.

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Rodrigo Brum


Rodrigo Brum

Gestor de comunicação na SoftExpert, fornecedora de software para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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