Cohesively managing all of a company’s tasks and business action plan is a critical element for success, since it ensures that the true status of your projects and processes will be visible.

That is why in SoftExpert Suite release 2.0.16, a action plan timeline is available to users, making it even clearer to monitor how Business Action Plan is evolving:

business action plan

Structurally, this functionality resembles the “timeline” shown on social networks, showing activities performed and events occurred in a linear fashion, while also allowing comments to be made.

Comments timeline
You can add comments to each event. This allows users to make additional observations in relation to a specific decision

The action plan timeline feature is available for Business Action Plan, Action Execution, and Isolated Action, and allows you to track the following types of events:

Business Action Plan

Below are all the events recorded in the action plan timeline

  • Creating the plan
  • Action inserted in the plan
  • Changing plan status
  • Cancellation / reactivation of the plan
  • Planned date change in plan actions
  • Change of the person responsible for carrying out the actions in the plan (“Who?” Field)
  • Exclusion of plan actions
  • Cancellation / reactivation of plan actions
  • Approval / disapproval of the plan actions verification
  • Planning plan approval / disapproval
  • Approval / disapproval of the plan effectiveness verification
  • Change the status of business plan action (approval / disapproval of action verification and action completed)

Plan execution

Below are all the events recorded in the action plan timeline:

  • Action creation
  • Change of the business planned action date
  • Change of the person responsible for carrying out the action (“Who?” Field)
  • Change of action status (all statuses)
  • Cancellation / reactivation of action
  • Action verification approval / disapproval

Isolated action

Below are all the events recorded in the isolated action plan timeline:

  • Creating the isolated action
  • Change of isolated action status (all statuses)
  • Cancellation / reactivation of isolated action
  • Planned date change in isolated action
  • Change of the person responsible for carrying out the isolated action (“Who?”)
  • Approval / Failure of Isolated Action Planning
  • Approval / disapproval of the efficacy check of the isolated action

Important: The action plan, plan action, and isolated action records will be created starting with update v2.0.16, i.e. the “action plan timeline” taken prior to this update will not be available.

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Raphael Gonçalves Arias


Raphael Gonçalves Arias

Product Marketing Analyst at SoftExpert, Raphael Arias has more than 8 years of experience in IT industry. He worked in consulting and implementation of SaaS solutions in logistics and risk management companies. Is graduated in Information Technology and MBA in Marketing.

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