7 advantages of corporate e-Learning for development of talent

The human factor is a major competitive differential. Learn about the advantages of corporate e-Learning for developing talent.

Corporate e-Learning guarantees faster and more inexpensive training. Learn about other advantages!

Corporate e-Learning has helped many companies to develop their employees. Investing in this initiative is essential to overcoming day-to-day challenges. A lack of appropriate training oftentimes leaves employees feeling unmotivated and has a direct impact on the quality of deliveries.

Low-quality products and services tend to be costly. To prevent this from happening, companies need to invest in personnel training starting at the moment of hire. This makes it possible to guarantee that the job is done correctly the first time, there are fewer rework costs and time on processes is optimized.

Within this context, corporate e-Learning has transformed the learning and development scenario. Compared to traditional classroom learning, there is clear evidence of the benefits of this modality.

Below are some of the advantages of developing a workforce using e-Learning:

1. Save time and money:

In this type of learning, each participant sets their own pace. This means learning time is reduced by an average of 25%. Because travel and lodging are not necessary, the company saves financial resources and can expand the number of employees included in training initiatives.

2. Greater consistency:

Through e-Learning, the same knowledge is uniformly passed onto every participant.

3. Greater efficacy in learning:

Studies show that with e-Learning, people find it easier to assimilate knowledge and apply it to their activities.

4. Greater agility:

E-Learning is an agile tool. It allows for fast communication of new policies, changes, ideas and concepts.

5. Reduce carbon footprint:

In LMS (Learning Management System) solutions, tests and assessments inherent to training are done electronically. This eliminates the need for paper and helps organizations to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

6. Flexibility:

Employees are free to learn on their own and at an appropriate pace. They can be trained at remote locations as if they were receiving training in the classroom.

7. Greater return on investment:

LMS solutions provide a clear picture of the evolution of each employee. The speed and ease with which e-Learning is delivered drastically lowers an organization’s learning and development costs.

SoftExpert can help your company to awaken its human potential, develop skills and engage talent through e-Learning.

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Marcelo Becher


Marcelo Becher

Specialist in Strategic Management from PUC-PR. Business and market analyst at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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