The ability to put together and display information on processes makes corporate portals very much valued tools for companies.

This is why SE Suite now introduces a new feature. By means of the portals created by SE Analytics, you will be able to access all the details of a process’ status, such as forms, attributes and background. To this end, simply move your mouse over the records and click on the link shown.

Analyzing workflows through corporate portals is now much easier
Analyzing workflows through corporate portals is now much easier

Corporate portals give rise to easier decision making

When having at hand more detailed information, managers are able to understand better a workflow situation. It is therefore possible to detect which of them have problems or where the bottlenecks are located. With clearer information, they will be more prepared to make grounded decisions and to do so with greater security.

This is the rule with SE Suite corporate portals: accessible information in a simple and quick manner. Please comment if you wish.

Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior


Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior

Product Owner of the BPM solution at SoftExpert, with 12 years of experience in the field. Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UDESC, with a specialization in Game Development from PUC-PR.

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