SE Suite 2.0.10 now integrates with Microsoft Office 365. But what does that mean for SoftExpert’s Excellence Suite users?

Editing and revising documents stored in SE Document has become even easier and more collaborative. Now, you can take full advantage of a document management system with the benefits of Microsoft’s text editing tool, in its online version.


With the integration, the file is opened through the user’s web browser, in Microsoft’s text editor. There, the user can enjoy all of the editing and collaboration features of the tool, without the need of JAVA nor from Microsoft Office installed on your computer.


Integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows for collaborative editing of documents, where multiple users can edit the same file, without one user overwriting the other. Changes are viewed in real-time by all users who have access to the document.

Upon completion of the revision, the files are again stored in SE Document, under all the security features configured in the system. If PDF conversion is configured, it will also be performed in the Office 365 than returning the PDF to the SE Document repository.

It’s the agility and collaboration of Office 365, coupled with the security and controls of SE Suite.

Everaldo Mafra


Everaldo Mafra

ECM solution Product Owner at SoftExpert, with more than 18 years of experience . Post graduate in Project Management by Sustentare.

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