Evaluating the participants’ learning and reactions is fundamental to understanding what the participants are learning, and to allow for constant evolution in the quality of the training undertaken.

Now, imagine being able to design and develop questionnaires and tests related to the most diverse courses, as well as getting information, in real time, from the evaluations applied, and all using the same tool where training management is performed.

With SE Survey it is possible to create form templates to measure participants’ reactions right after the training program, as well as assessing issues such as involvement, commitment, attention and motivation.

SE Survey 01

With SE Test, it is possible to create evaluation models according to the topic addressed in each course, in order to evaluate changes in the perception of reality and the increase in knowledge and skills that characterize the learning process. The strategy applied for the confirmation of these results often occurs through tests that are applied before and after training, serving as a comparative basis.

SE Training - 02

Once the test models or questionnaires are created, it is possible to apply them in different training courses, allowing the participants to carry out their evaluations using the tool itself. The tool offers ease of use for participants, vision for managers and agility for the training team.

SE Training - 03

With SE Suite it’s simple: managing and evaluating training results on a fully integrated platform.

Giovanni Vegini


Giovanni Vegini

SoftExpert’s HDM Product Owner. Specialist in Business Management from Sustentare Business School.

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