The current market scenario involves constant change at an alarming rate. The world of business becomes more and more complex, and losing efficacy and efficiency is more common without the appropriate technological support. Hence, how can technology support processes in order to warrant their competitiveness?

SoftExpert Excellence Suite now complies with the Lean Process concept

The main goal is eliminating wastage and raising processing speed. SoftExpert Process provides a library with the chief types of wastage that the Lean concept seeks to eliminate.

Lean Process SE Suite
Lean Process SE Suite

In addition to the likelihood of determining activity waiting time and defining the critical path, the system also permits detecting critical aspects by means of a visual chart.

It points out whether activities and flows are value-added or non value-added. What does not add value may often be eliminated by means of improvement and optimizing actions.

By reducing wastage, available time may be employed with more quality and process cycles are quicker. Hence, it is possible to optimize the Time vs. Cost vs. Productivity ratio.

Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior


Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior

Product Owner of the BPM solution at SoftExpert, with 12 years of experience in the field. Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UDESC, with a specialization in Game Development from PUC-PR.

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