It is very common in an SE Suite user’s routine to consult the same documents or processes repeatedly. If you always search for the same data, such as an attribute, type of process or person in charge, you will be pleased to know that now you can save the search and access it with the “Shortcut” menu, where you can share this search with whoever you choose.

saved search

Consider the following situation. You want to share the consultation of documents required for an audit with your team. You simply create your search with the necessary parameters or filters and click on the button to share the search, before saving. If you are a manager-user, you can also choose whether you prefer to share it with specific teams or with all system users.

my searches

Simple, isn’t it?

And, if you wish, you can search for public queries in SE Suite to find the ones that interest you.

SE Suite is more collaborative.

Giu Vicente


Giu Vicente

User Experience Leader at SoftExpert. Graduate degree in Business Innovation from INPG.

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