Discover the new SoftExpert Kanban: optimized visual management, improved access control and total task integration!

Have you ever wondered how visual management can transform the efficiency of your team? With SoftExpert Kanban, this is not only possible- it just got even better.

SoftExpert Suite version 2.2.2 introduces new features in the Kanban module board configuration, promising to revolutionize the way teams organize and visualize projects and activities. In this dynamic scenario, 70% of the companies that adopt agile methods report a significant improvement in time management and work quality. Why does this matter? The answer is simple: in today’s fast-paced world, having tools that optimize processes and improve productivity is essential. This article looks at how SoftExpert’s new Kanban feature can be a game-changer for your company’s project management, offering valuable insights so that you can not only follow, but also lead the race for efficiency.

One place, multiple workspaces

You already know that Kanban is a tool designed to optimize workflows and increase team productivity, right? Just wait until you see this new feature. Now, the new version of SoftExpert Suite provides a clear panorama of all tasks across multiple boards and backlogs, with details on progress and deadlines, all visible in one place.

In other words, you can define board configuration and view the cards at your convenience, even being able to list activities from different workspaces. This not only simplifies monitoring, but also fully expands the management of your teams or projects.

New security framework

We have added another new feature to SoftExpert Kanban. To improve the performance of access controls, from this version forward, the component’s security features will work with access profiles, that is, the same security as before, but much easier to manage.

Now it’s possible to create profiles based on your needs and manage them with a new menu. For example, the view profile, which contains the list and view controls, or the manager profile, with all controls. After registering the permission profile, it can be associated with a workspace, providing information to users, areas, roles, teams, reporters and those responsible. Easy, right?

With this new requirement, security control becomes simpler and offers a greater range of possibilities, no longer requiring the use of just a management and execution team.

Learn more about these and the other new features in SoftExpert Suite 2.2.2 by accessing the Release Notes.

Access the Release Notes

Ana Paula Anton


Ana Paula Anton

Ana Paula Anton is a Product and Market Analyst at SoftExpert. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in Production Engineering. She has experience in the areas of Processes and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems, in addition to expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices, Risk Management, Audits, Process Validation and Qualification, Cause Analysis, CAPA, FMEA and Validation of Computerized Systems.

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