To facilitate the daily routine of people involved in form automation and process improvement, SoftExpert Form has evolved significantly with version 2.0.14.

The tool was redesigned with a focus on the user experience. A number of complex concepts were simplified, such as relationships and integrations. This enables even users without technical knowledge to simply and easily build dynamic and advanced forms.

Are you ready to be impressed? Continue reading the article and learn about the main new features:

What’s new in SoftExpert Form

Ergonomic interface

The modeler is even more user friendly and the components are better organized. The result is a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to design robust forms with greater agility.

Build dynamic and advanced forms in a simple and easy way
Build dynamic and advanced forms in a simple and easy way

Responsive Forms

The forms are now more responsive and adaptable to the dimensions of the browser width of the user’s device, which is especially useful for mobile devices.

When modeling, you don’t have to worry about the alignment of components. The system does this for you automatically.

Entering and editing information when executing forms is also simpler, which facilitates collaboration between everyone involved in the process.

Form dimensions are adjusted according to the user's device
Form dimensions are adjusted according to the user’s device

New Configuration Wizards (zero code)

All form business rules can be defined through the configuration wizards. They guide users in the definition of calculations, validations, alerts and integrations, without no code and without the need to know programming languages.

Smart Relationships

With just a few clicks, you can establish smart relationships by linking records between different tables. They can be created using the modeler itself, simplifying form maintenance and improvement activities.

With the new version of SoftExpert Form, processes become more agile and your company gains productivity.

Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior


Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior

Product Owner of the BPM solution at SoftExpert, with 12 years of experience in the field. Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UDESC, with a specialization in Game Development from PUC-PR.

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