Content is constantly created from many different sources and optical character recognition (OCR) can help companies capture all this data. An OCR SaaS can transform physical content into data, ensuring data integrity, content processing agility and standardization. Companies can create optical character recognition workflows to automate procedures that handle paperwork or files and document management.

OCR workflow

One of the key innovations of SoftExpert Suite 2.1.1 is the integration between SoftExpert Capture and SoftExpert Workflow components becoming a powerful OCR SaaS.


Through this integration, any process automated by Workflow can trigger a SoftExpert Capture recognition profile and perform optical character recognition (OCR) on a document.

Recognized data can be used to fill in Workflow-associated attributes or form fields.


This enables organizations to add value to their processes by accelerating information sharing, avoiding errors, and raising productivity levels.

Main features

  • Integrates SoftExpert Suite Capture and Workflow components
  • Capture content automatically in BPM processes
  • Indexes digital content data
  • Performs automatic completion of forms and records (attributes)
  • Manages multiple types of information capture, distribution and storage processes

Content management solution

Get to know SoftExpert ECM and see all the benefits this solution can offer. The software fully manages content capture, control and distribution, so you are able to digitally transform your documents and streamline Return on Investment.

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Raphael Gonçalves Arias


Raphael Gonçalves Arias

Product Marketing Analyst at SoftExpert, Raphael Arias has more than 8 years of experience in IT industry. He worked in consulting and implementation of SaaS solutions in logistics and risk management companies. Is graduated in Information Technology and MBA in Marketing.

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