Product inspection is a key part of quality control. After all, delivering a product that meets customer expectations is one of the main objectives of most companies, right?

To help you avoid quality problems right on the production line, SoftExpert has simplified the performance of tests. As of version 2.0.16 of SoftExpert Inspection, it has become easier and more intuitive to compare product characteristics with previously established specifications.

Product inspection flexibility

Now SoftExpert Suite lets you define specific parameters for each product type. These custom fields are available in conjunction with the more common parameters, such as sample quantity, number of readings, test time, temperature and pressure. With this feature, all relevant information is available during the activity.

In this example, 5 samples are collected to inspect product weight
In this example, 5 samples are collected to inspect product weight

Quick and easy access to documentation

Access to product technical specifications has never been easier. When performing inspections, the user can quickly consult documentation to clarify doubts or search for information that can help in the execution of the test.

Asset tracking

SoftExpert Suite allows you to track tooling and equipment used in production, providing greater process control. Should a non-conformity occur, the origin and cause can be readily identified, speeding up the solution to the problem.

Inspection results

At the end, all test statistics are presented in graphs.


  • Average / amplitude
  • Mean / standard deviation
  • Histogram
  • Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk results


  • p
  • np
Inspection results
Inspection results

As we have seen, with the support of SoftExpert Suite you can ensure product quality in all production stages. The software solution anticipates situations that could result in defective batches and delivery delays of goods to customers, in addition to avoiding wasted resources and optimizing quality controls in your company.

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Nei Stolberg


Nei Stolberg

More than 20 years of experience in Quality Engineering and Metrology. PO of the SoftExpert PLM solution.

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