Learn more about World Quality Week 2023 and discover how to achieve your competitive potential through quality.

Have you heard of World Quality Week? If you are a quality professional, manager or a leader of an organization that strives for excellence, you can’t miss this opportunity to promote, learn and share best practices for quality in your company. Get ready for a fun journey full of insights on how to realize your competitive potential through quality.

What is Quality Week?

World Quality Week is an annual campaign promoted by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), a British institution that represents the quality management profession globally. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of quality for the success of organizations and the well-being of people.

CQI in Action

But who, exactly, is the CQI? They are a driving force behind quality improvement. Imagine them as maestros, conducting the symphony of quality in organizations. CQI is a community of professionals passionate about quality, which offers training, certifications and resources to help organizations achieve quality excellence.

CQI plays a key role in empowering quality professionals, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to promote quality in their organizations.

Quality Week 2023 theme

Every year, CQI proposes a theme for World Quality Week, which serves to guide the activities and events that companies, institutions, associations and quality professionals around the world conduct. This year’s theme is “Quality: realizing your competitive potential.”

But what does it mean? This inspiring choice invites us to reflect on how quality can be the key to standing out in the market and achieving business success. How can quality help your organization stand out in the market and generate value for your customers, shareholders, employees and society? How can you take advantage of World Quality Week to promote a culture of continuous improvement in your company?

These are some of the questions that I will try to answer in this post, offering some tips and suggestions on how you can participate in this celebration and make quality a competitive advantage in your business.

Quality: realizing your competitive potential

The theme of World Quality Week 2023 is inspired by the concept of competitive advantage, which was popularized by Professor Michael Porter, one of the world’s leading experts in business strategy. According to Porter, a competitive advantage is something that allows a company to perform better than its competitors, either by offering products or services of a higher value or by reducing operating costs.

But how is quality related to competitive advantage? The answer is simple: quality is one of the main factors that determines the value perceived by customers and that influences their satisfaction and brand loyalty. In addition, quality also helps to reduce waste, rework, complaints and risks, improving the organization’s efficiency and profitability.

Thus, we can say that quality is an essential element for realizing a company’s competitive potential as it directly impacts its financial results and its reputation in the market. But how can a company achieve and maintain a high level of quality in an increasingly dynamic, complex and demanding environment?

This is where quality management comes in, which is a set of principles, methods, tools and processes that aim to ensure and continually improve the quality of an organization’s products, services and processes. Quality management involves everything from strategic planning to operational control, including leadership, organizational culture, people’s involvement, data analysis, innovation and learning.

Quality management also requires a systemic and integrated view of all aspects that affect quality, taking into account the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, regulators, the community and the environment. Quality management seeks to create value for all these stakeholders, generating mutual and sustainable benefits.

How can I participate in World Quality Week 2023?

So, how can companies dive head first into this topic? Imagine your organization as an athlete looking to get into better shape. The same way that physical quality can improve an athlete’s performance, business quality can improve a company’s competitiveness.

Use Quality Week as an opportunity to evaluate processes, identify areas for improvement and align strategies so that quality becomes your differentiator. Just like an athlete trains, your team can train, and quality can help you beat the competition in the market.

The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to participate in Quality Week. You can use your creativity and adapt your activities to your context and your goals. The important thing is that you involve people, disseminate good practices, recognize results, encourage reflection and encourage continuous improvement.

To help you with this mission, we have put together some ideas and suggestions on how you and your company can participate in World Quality Week 2023:

  • Plan in advance: define the objectives, target public, schedule, budget, resources and responsibilities for the activities you intend to carry out during the week. Align your actions with the theme proposed by CQI and your company’s strategies. Communicate and engage the people involved and ensure the support of senior management.
  • Conduct lectures, workshops, webinars or podcasts: take advantage of this week to share knowledge and experiences about quality with your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. You can invite internal or external experts, present success stories, demonstrate market trends and new products and discuss quality challenges and opportunities in your area of activity, among other relevant topics.
  • Promote contests, quizzes, games or contests: create fun and interactive activities to test and improve people’s knowledge of quality. You can prepare questions and answers, practical challenges, simulations or scenarios related to quality. You can reward participants with gifts, certificates or recognition.
  • Hold an exhibition, fair or showroom: show people which products, services or processes stand out for their quality in your company. You can display samples, prototypes, mockups or videos that highlight the characteristics, benefits and quality differentials. You can also invite customers or suppliers to give testimonials or feedback about quality.
  • Conduct an audit, evaluation or benchmarking action: take advantage of this week to assess and measure your company’s quality level. You can conduct an internal or external audit, a performance evaluation or a satisfaction survey. You can use tools such as checklists, indicators, questionnaires and interviews. Also, compare your results with those of other companies in your sector or with market standards.
  • Implement an improvement, innovation or solution: use World Quality Week to implement continuous improvement, innovation or a solution to a quality-related problem in your company. You can use methods like PDCA, DMAIC, A3 or Design Thinking. Involve people in identifying root causes, generating ideas, finding alternatives, executing actions and evaluating results.
  • Recognize, show gratitude or celebrate: take advantage of these days to recognize and value the people who contribute to quality in your company. You can formally or informally recognize individuals or groups, publicly or privately. Also, thank and praise people for their dedication and performance. Celebrate and commemorate the results achieved in quality with the entire organization.

These are just a few ideas for how you and your company can participate in World Quality Week 2023. You can adapt them to your context or create your own activities! The important thing is not to miss this opportunity to promote quality in your organization and realize your competitive potential.

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Camilla Christino


Camilla Christino

Business Analyst at SoftExpert, completed a Bachelor's in Food Engineering at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia. She has solid experience in the quality area in the food industries with a focus on monitoring and adapting internal and external auditing processes, documentation of the quality management system (ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO / IEC 17025), Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, GMP, HACCP and Food Chemical Codex (FCC). She is also certified as a leading auditor in the ISO 9001: 2015.

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