Now you can perform SE Maintenance activities directly with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This opens up new possibilities for using these tools, and especially meets the needs the companies looking for more effective control over their assets and maintenance activities carried out externally.

How does executing activities using mobile devices work?

This feature has been available as of version 2.0.12 of SE Suite. It allows you to record details of activities such as descriptions, attributes, checklists and actions taken. It is also possible to insert photos, ensuring traceability and verification of evidence before and after the performed service.

Save time when executing maintenance activities with mobile devices
Save time when executing maintenance activities with mobile devices

One of the important benefits of recording annotations this way is that technicians no longer depend on blank service reports. Previously, these forms needed to be filled in manually and then entered in the system. This way you can eliminate the costs of paper and printing, and help the environment.

With updated information in real time, you save time and optimize the maintenance process.

To use the feature, there is no need to download any app; you simply access the system address with the browser on your mobile device.

Gustavo Moreira


Gustavo Moreira

Product Owner of the EAM solution at SoftExpert. MBA in IT Governance by Sustentare Business School.

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