SE Document App: Access to documents without relying on an Internet connection

SE Suite now makes day-to-day activities easier for users who are out in the field without an internet connection.

By using the SoftExpert Document App, users now have offline access to documents needed to perform their tasks.

Using the SE Document app is very easy

When you have internet access, install the app on your Windows computer and download a copy of the document.

Later, to perform searches, the app looks for the documents locally without the need of using a web browser.

Whenever an internet connection is available, the app will search for the latest version of the saved documents, guaranteeing access to the latest up-to-date information from your computer.

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Everaldo Mafra


Everaldo Mafra

ECM solution Product Owner at SoftExpert, with more than 18 years of experience . Post graduate in Project Management by Sustentare.

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