The process simulating resource in SE Suite has been entirely rebuilt. Now you can create a number of scenarios very intuitively. The new interface centralizes all the simulation parameters, easily defined by means of a few clicks such as: executors, costs, duration and resources.

When simulating a process an animation follows the entire flow, and it is therefore possible to clearly detect bottlenecks.

Now it's easier and quicker to simulate processes in SE Suite
Now it’s easier and quicker to simulate processes in SE Suite

When simulating processes you will be able to monitor results in real time

While a simulation is being run, a panel will show the position with partial results at that moment.

In the end, the entire data mass created may be stratified through SE Analytics. You may explore the data and intensify analyses in order to understand better the outcome of each simulation. The results may be published and shared through the SE Suite websites.

Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior


Osvaldo Cassaniga Junior

Product Owner of the BPM solution at SoftExpert, with 12 years of experience in the field. Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UDESC, with a specialization in Game Development from PUC-PR.

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