SoftExpert Document App: now also for iOS!

One of the novelties is that now the SoftExpert Document application is also available for users with devices with an IOS system.

One of the new features of SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.9 is that now the SoftExpert Document application is also available for the iOS system, serving users with Apple devices. That way, you can access your documents wherever you are, and most importantly: you don’t need an internet connection. Let’s see more about this new feature?

Using the SoftExpert Document application is very simple

 The SoftExpert Document application is fast and easy to use, bringing your documents to your fingertips. Through the application you can view all documents registered in the Document component:

You can access it using the SoftExpert Suite platform login and password.

Outstanding publishing knowledge tasks can also be performed while you are online in the app:

Access your important documents even offline

Unfortunately, not all places have an internet connection available, right? But don’t worry!

As we have seen, the SoftExpert Document application allows you to have documents in offline mode, enabling you to view important files without an internet connection:

When you select a document, its data is displayed, including your electronic files and options to make it accessible on your device (offline). All documents that you have permission to save on your device will be available for selecting the “View Offline” option.

Best of all, documents in offline mode are updated and synced with new versions when you are online in the app. When logging in via mobile, it will automatically check if any of the documents marked as “View Offline” have been updated and if so, they will then be updated. Thus, you’ll always have the most recent and up-to-date version of your documents.

You can download the app for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Cool, right? Did you like this new feature? Then, don’t waste time, go to your phone’s app store, and download it now!

Learn more about these and other new features of SoftExpert Suite 2.1.9, accessing the Release Notes.

Access Release Notes

    Daiane Loeffler


    Daiane Loeffler

    Daiane Loeffler is a Business Analyst at SoftExpert. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from UNISOCIESC, a specialization in Process Engineering from Sustentare Business School, and a specialization in Pharmaceutical Engineering from Instituto Racine. She is experienced in the Processes and Quality Systems areas and has expertise on Good Manufacturing Practices, Risk Management, Audits, Root Cause Analysis, CAPA, FMEA, PPAP, APQP and Six Sigma.

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