SoftExpert Kanban: Gantt Chart for backlog 

Does your team find it hard to deliver activities on time?

We live in a world that is constantly moving faster, and time management has been one of the biggest challenges in modern management. With good task management, you can optimize all of the resources used, boosting employee productivity and efficiency.

Do you want to finally take control of activities and engage the team with meeting deadlines?

To support the process of planning activities, Kanban version 2.1.6 now has a Gantt view for Backlog activities.

Gantt Chart: what it is and benefits

The Gantt chart is a visual tool used to control and manage a timeline of activities. It lets the manager see activities over time, making it easier to distribute tasks between time periods and people responsible, preventing the team’s resources from becoming overloaded. This version allows activities to be dragged into the Gantt, simply and quickly changing their start and end date.

The Gantt view is split into two sections. On the left is a list of backlog activities, with key data and editing permissions. While the right contains information on deadlines and the activity’s progress.

SoftExpert Kanban: Gráfico de Gantt para backlog

With this functionality you can also set up a view by clusters, separating activities by Person Responsible, Board Columns, Sprint or just following the sequence of backlog activities. A variety of filters can moreover be applied to the list, suiting it to the analytic situation in that moment.

Access the Release Notes and find out more about this and other news for SoftExpert Suite 2.1.6.

Access the Release Notes

    Bruna Borsalli


    Bruna Borsalli

    Business Analyst at SoftExpert Software, holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Univille. Experienced in EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) and a Quality Management specialist as well as a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 | 14001 | 45001 Integrated Management Systems.

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