SoftExpert Mobile: App also available for iOS

You probably already know that there is a mobile vision of the Excellence Suite. You’ve likely already read the Release Notes or tried to access the Suite through your cell phone’s browser or perhaps you’ve seen the Android app running on a co-workers phone. But if you are still not familiar with the app, I recommend you download it!

Yes! With each new version, SoftExpert enhances the resources available on the mobile version of the system. And this isn’t just restricted to direct use on your smartphone’s browser, but can also be done using specific apps.

App iOS - App na Apple Store

Starting with version 2.0.13, the mobile version of the SoftExpert Excellence Suite is available for smartphones running on the Android operating system, through the Google Play app store. And starting with this latest version, the iOS app is also available from the Apple App Store.

The app not only improves the experience of using the mobile version of the system, but also allows for better integration between your device and the SE Suite, making it feasible to use new resources that were previously unavailable, such as reading QR Codes or bar cades using your device’s camera.

App iOS - Tarefas

Just as a reminder, among the operations available on the mobile version (and optimized through the iOS app) are:

  • Visualization of portals
  • Workflow initialization
  • Problem and incident records
  • Form completion
  • Execution of workflow, incident, problem, maintenance and project activities
  • Execution of active inventory
  • Consensus, certification and approval of documents
  • Questionnaire responses
  • And more.

Download the app to your smartphone now and start using the SE Suite in a much more dynamic and streamlined way!

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    Tobias Schroeder


    Tobias Schroeder

    MBA in Strategic Management from UFPR. Business and market analyst at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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