SoftExpert Suite: multifactor authentication (MFA)

Want even more protection for your organization’s data, documents and information, preventing phishing and password theft?

To make accessing the platform even more secure, a new layer of protection has been added. Starting with the SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.9, the system can be accessed by using multifactor authentication or MFA.

This make it possible to validate the user’s identity, ensuring a higher level of security.

With this new resource, authentication is done in two stages. After entering their e-mail and password, the user receives a verification code at the e-mail registered.

After validating the code received, they are allowed to enter the system.

Enabling MFA is optional and can only be done by the system administrator. Just go to Authentication (CM008) -> Security -> Enable multifactor authentication.

Once enabled, multifactor authentication is valid for all system users.

If you want to find out more about this and other news for SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.9, access the Release Notes.

Access Release Notes



    Bruna Borsalli


    Bruna Borsalli

    Business Analyst at SoftExpert Software, holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Univille. Experienced in EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) and a Quality Management specialist as well as a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 | 14001 | 45001 Integrated Management Systems.

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