We want to hear from you, SoftExpert customer!

In the continuous improvement process, the customer cannot be a spectator, but rather an agent of change. And an extremely important channel for this communication to happen is the Ombudsman.

If you are a SoftExpert customer, you should have already received an email with the subject: SoftExpert Brazil wants to hear from you. If you have not received it yet, you will certainly be approached during your journey here. Therefore, I want to take the opportunity to bring some information about this tool, which is one of the channels in which SoftExpert receives suggestions, analyzes points of attention and registers manifestations of dissatisfaction.

Ombudsman: one of the official means of communication

The company has more than two thousand customers of all sizes and branches of the economy and on all continents, so the compilation of suggestions and comments is vital for the business. To expand adherence and facilitate dialogue between company and customer, the company has expanded the media, which currently are telephone, Microsoft Teams, email, Skype, SoftExpert Questionnaire among others.

In the second half of 2021, 173 customers from around the world participated in the satisfaction assessment process. Therefore, 306 respondents from these clients engaged and left their opinions recorded.

Check out, in the image below, the result of the second half of 2021 of the general customer, product and service satisfaction, in addition to the commercial and support, disclosed by SoftExpert Management Office, which includes customer reviews from around the world:

SoftExpert has analyzed the points to improve and carried through internal actions in search of its overcoming in terms of improvement in the user experience, either with the solutions or the attendance given for its support to the customer. In short, all areas have sought to constantly improve their processes.

Your suggestion is worth!

Recently, we had an important example of a suggestion for improvement from the Ombudsman that was implemented here at SoftExpert.

There was a cool release in the Action Plan component called “Action plan generator object” that aims to improve the visualization and it is made in card format in Kanban style. This is one of the innovations that the teams of Product Development and Technology had liberated to improve the user experience of our customers. Nice, isn’t it?

That said, to you who have already answered some survey: thank you for having participated in this satisfaction assessment process and for leaving your compliments and comments. SoftExpert Ombudsman continues to welcome your suggestions, recommendations, and comments. After all, hear your voice is always very good!

Beyond the satisfaction assessments, you, SoftExpert customer, can register manifestations in the SoftExpert Ombudsman any time. These suggestions are received and forwarded to a specific solution or selected for an implementation study.

How to contact?

SoftExpert Ombudsman

Website: https://www.softexpert.com/contact/

Email: ombudsman@softexpert.com

Telephone: +55 (47) 2101-9966
    Juliana Silva


    Juliana Silva

    Communication Analyst at SoftExpert, Juliana Silva has a degree in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in business communication and public relations, with six years of experience in the areas of Press Office and Corporate Communication.

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