Learn about the new Workspace features in SoftExpert Suite

SoftExpert is continually enhancing its products through actions aimed at incorporating new resources to further improve the user’s experience with the tool, making the solution more complete and easy to use. Along these lines, Workspace is filled with new features in version 2.1.8, aimed at enhancing user interactivity with the platform. Take a look:

New help center

 The help center has a new look and is much more intuitive. To make the solution easier to use, we’ve reformulated our help center, where you can still go to find answers to your questions on the tool in a much more agile way, through whatever component/resource you are accessing at the time.

Moreover, one of the biggest changes to the new version is that now you have direct access to links leading to useful information and news on the solution, including: User Guide, Excellence Blog, Virtual Store, E-Learning, Release Notes, Patch Bulletin and Road Maps. Take a look:

Birthday notifications

 The truth is that with such hectic lives, it is harder and harder for us to remember celebratory dates and wish our co-workers a happy birthday, isn’t it? However, the new version 2.1.8 is here to help us solve this problem.

Now you can wish your co-workers a happy birthday right on the tool, through a resource for notifying and interacting with those celebrating birthdays. Check it out:

Birthday notifications

Birthday messages can be seen and sent through notifications, and people can also interact on their birthdays by responding to or liking these messages. Also new on this version is that you can now configure and control who has access to your birthday information.

Birthday notifications

Update news

In an effort to improve the user experience with solution updates, starting with version 2.1.8, we will incorporate a notification to show users what’s new in each version of the SoftExpert Suite.

new release

Each time the tool is updated, this resource will continue to evolve until a more direct line of communication is established regarding important notices.

Now that you know what’s new in Workspace, update your version of SoftExpert Suite to start enjoying these and other new resources on the tool.

Access the Release Notes to see all of the latest changes!

Access Release Notes

    Daiane Loeffler


    Daiane Loeffler

    Daiane Loeffler is a Business Analyst at SoftExpert. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from UNISOCIESC, a specialization in Process Engineering from Sustentare Business School, and a specialization in Pharmaceutical Engineering from Instituto Racine. She is experienced in the Processes and Quality Systems areas and has expertise on Good Manufacturing Practices, Risk Management, Audits, Root Cause Analysis, CAPA, FMEA, PPAP, APQP and Six Sigma.

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