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The corporate market continues to advance in its digital transformation. Worldwide, enterprise investments in cloud computing infrastructure are estimated to exceed US$1 billion for the first time in 2024.

This process requires considering key aspects, such as operational agility, customer experience, and technology integration. Furthermore, it also requires that employees have access to appropriate work tools that cover different work regimes, and that the infrastructure can support business growth.

Cloud Service

The phenomenon of digital transformation has made cloud services increasingly relevant, attracting more and more companies.

If in the past mainly small and medium-sized companies embarked on this journey, which sought lower costs, ease of implementation, and flexibility, today, large companies, with complex arrangements, characterized by several business units in different locations, are also resorting to the cloud, looking to make their operations more efficient and address the new market context, with employees distributed geographically.

Cost is extremely important, but there are several benefits that a company can experience by migrating its on-premises IT infrastructure to a cloud-based infrastructure.

SoftExpert Suite Cloud in numbers

With the rise of cloud computing, SoftExpert has reinvented itself, taking its renowned Cloud Suite to new levels of performance and reliability.

Today, it is possible to quantify the positive impact of this transformation in impressive numbers, reaching a 99.79% availability rate, ensuring that its customers have uninterrupted access to their tools and data crucial for daily operations. This exceptional performance reinforces its commitment to reliability and continuous support for its customers.

With more than 4,500 users around the world trusting its solutions to optimize processes, the company increases productivity and drives the growth of their organizations. This widespread adoption is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the tools offered.

Furthermore, SoftExpert reinforces its commitment to excellence and security by being certified in the renowned ISO 9001 and 27001:2022 standards. These certifications, in addition to validating the quality of the company’s internal processes, assure customers that their information and data are protected and managed with the highest standards of security and compliance.

Another relevant fact is the scalability with more than a thousand implemented instances, meeting the diverse needs and demands of a wide range of industries and companies. This flexibility and adaptability make SoftExpert the ideal choice for organizations of all sizes, from startups to large multinational corporations.

In summary, the numbers behind SoftExpert Suite Cloud tell a story of success and innovation, in which reliability, scale, and security are pillars that support the journey towards business excellence. Through its customer-centric approach and commitment to quality, the company continues to lead the way in digital transformation, empowering organizations to reach their full potential and conquer new horizons in the business world.

SoftExpert Cloud

 Powered by AWS

AWS Cloud, or Amazon Web Services Cloud, is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It is an infrastructure that allows companies to rent computing resources, storage, databases, networking, and other internet-related services, rather than building and maintaining these resources in their own physical data centers.

This platform allows companies of all sizes and industries to run their workloads securely and cost-effectively, paying only for the resources they use. AWS is the world’s most widely adopted and comprehensive cloud platform, offering more than 200 full data center services around the world. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, large enterprises, and the largest government agencies, are using AWS to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

This solution is deployed in our cloud environments, located in multiple locations around the world, using AWS cloud infrastructure.

Why SoftExpert customers are migrating to the cloud

 Reduced IT costs

  1. What is the cost of maintaining the IT professionals who work to support the SoftExpert product (running update routines, monitoring environment availability, shifts to perform routines outside business hours, etc.)?
  2. What is the total infrastructure cost to support the solution (hardware, database license, operating system license, monitoring software license, endpoint security, firewall, etc.)?

Support and maintenance activities can consume up to 80% of the IT budget.

Cloud-based solutions require smaller IT teams, as systems and data are stored on AWS, which significantly reduces maintenance demands and labor needs. When there is a need to apply update packages, or perform other maintenance routines, this is the supplier’s responsibility.

As IT equipment ages, it tends to experience more failures, which requires more time for fixes, and can cause costs to rise quickly.

Cloud-based solutions eliminate the risks associated with technology obsolescence. For companies that do not have the necessary resources, or prefer to maintain a lean internal IT team, cloud-based solutions can represent a way to considerably reduce information technology expenses.


  1. Does the company validate the security of the environment and the solution through a PENTEST performed by specialized third-party companies? What is the cost to conduct these validations?
  2. Are the patches released by SoftExpert monitored and are there security warnings? Are patch updates carried out constantly for the operating system, database server, and SoftExpert solution to ensure bug fixes and mitigate vulnerabilities?

SoftExpert complies with the highest security standards on the market, including ISO 27001:2022 certification.

The entire infrastructure and application are constantly monitored by multiple services and tools to ensure security, including zero-day vulnerabilities.

Service patches and requirements used across the infrastructure are constantly applied by the operations team, through proactive monitoring of the entire infrastructure.

Also, SoftExpert has a contract with a third-party company, specialized in security for threat intelligence services (data leak monitoring) and independent PENTEST, to validate the security of the operation.

As the cloud infrastructure provider, we have Amazon AWS as a partner, presenting all the security certifications on the market.

SoftExpert provides all customers with an application PENTEST report, an environment hardening assessment, architecture documentation, and key security controls implemented, as well as a periodic report on disaster recovery tests. For additional details, please see our official documentation.

Greater availability

  1. What is the SLA for applying patch updates and product updates?
  2. What is the speed for resolution in cases of complex incidents (unavailability or slowness)?
  3. What is the availability percentage of the solution in your infrastructure? Is the solution’s response time monitored, generating alerts and incidents for the responsible team?

Cloud-based solutions traditionally offer greater availability and reduce costs associated with outages. The unavailability of business applications can negatively impact customer satisfaction, productivity, in addition to the organization’s profitability. An IT environment with minimal interruptions is the key objective for processes to run smoothly and operations to work soundly.

We have advanced tools for monitoring both infrastructure as well as application availability and performance (APM). The update package application procedure can occur automatically and at alternative times, so that it does not disrupt the routine of the business areas. The activities are performed by a team of trained professionals, with on-call team members to ensure the high availability of the environments.

Furthermore, we have a team of experts in the solution, with in-depth knowledge of the entire architecture of our product, ensuring the best performance and speed in responding to incidents.

Typically, cloud-based data and applications are replicated across different locations and data centers. It is a way to ensure redundancy and business continuity in the event of a serious failure.


  1. Over the last few years, has system use increased?
  2. Was an analysis conducted to review the infrastructure to support this greater workload on the product?
  3. What is the average SLA for revising and increasing resources?

Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or changing demands. If there is need to expand, it’s easy to increase cloud capacity. And, if there is need to downsize, it provides flexibility to reduce the service. Thus, the company only pays monthly for what it needs and what it uses. No more having to worry about multiple contracts from different suppliers.

Think about this, for example, when using electricity in your home: your consumption rate is based on what you actually use.

By using SoftExpert Suite in the cloud, you optimize costs and avoid unnecessary capacity provisioning. This way, organizations save money and simplify the management of IT applications. This means that:

  • Companies do not pay for wasted resources. Users are charged only for services purchased, rather than provisioning a set number of resources that will not be used.
    • Services can be expanded, changed, or canceled when they are no longer needed.

Are you ready to be part of this revolution? SoftExpert Suite in the cloud could be the key to propelling your company to the next level in the digital age.

Contact us today and find out how SoftExpert Suite in the cloud can help boost the success of your business. We’re here to make your journey to the cloud easier and more effective.

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    Alex Sandro Barbosa


    Alex Sandro Barbosa

    Alex Sandro Barbosa is a Product and Market Analyst at SoftExpert. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNIVILLE University of the Joinville Region. Certified lead auditor in process audits under the IATF16949 standard. He has experience in process and quality systems in the automotive industry with knowledge in process planning and auditing, continuous improvement, problem solving, core quality tools, customer-facing complaint management, project management and change management.

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