Every good service level agreement, in any scenario, aims to produce well-written documentation that includes all the guarantees that a supplier offers, as well as the contracting party’s responsibilities and premises.

From the point of view of providing services, more important than setting deadlines and resolving occurrences is the necessity of making clear all the guarantees that the service provider offers in relation to the contracted services and the way in which the levels of service will be constantly measured, reported and improved.

With SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) you can easily and quickly define all the parameters for a good Service Level Agreement (SLA). After mapping the activities of the service provision process, the user can define the SLA exclusions, that is, situations where the service level agreement is not applicable, and the triggers of the SLA suspension mechanisms (SLA Pauses and Stops).

To do this, simply drag and drop the activities in their respective boxes.

SLA - Configuração

The levels of service provision must also be properly established, taking into account the periods of availability of support, the conditions of prioritization and the schedule adopted.

Define as many levels as necessary, but don’t forget the availability criteria involved in the definition.

SLA - Níveis

SLA - Critérios

From there the service goes into modus operandi and items such as roles and responsibilities between the service provider and the customer, communication and support channels, schedule of reports, risk assessment, performance monitoring and critical service analysis take on great importance for the continuous improvement of service provision.

You can count on the features of SE Suite to automate all your service level agreements, no matter what your business.

Dany Maicon Zoboli


Dany Maicon Zoboli

SoftExpert’s ITSM Product Owner. Graduate of SOCIESC with a degree in Industrial Quality and Productivity Technology and a Business Management degree from Sustentare Business School.

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