How to Succeed in a Digital Docs Transformation

Understand how to do digital docs transformation in the right way, optimizing technologies, contents and processes on your organization!

Creating and dealing with digital docs transformation is a recurring challenge in every organization.

However, we often overlook these activities, which involve thousands of processes, documents and applications.

This is usually a management initiative to implement digital transformations to critical and inefficient processes. So where do we start?


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There are plenty of issues encompassing digital transformation and there is no shortcut to accomplish this task.

In fact, it is a recurring effort to stimulate a culture of improvement among employees, where you must truly embrace and lead changes.

Digital  docs transformation can be considered as the digital optimization of processes, products and assets enhanced by customers values.

innovating in risk management or even uncovering new opportunities.

It is  the transformation of activities and competencies to leverage opportunities and technologies in a strategic and prioritized way.

Depending on the context of the organization, customer perceptions create new opportunities to build digital  docs transformation.

Digital Transformation that Echoes

How to identify areas to improve and evaluate the duration of a new process versus an old process?

Convert outcomes and experiences into improvement is crucial to practices and processes of the digital docs transformation.Digital Docs Transformation-01

Understanding the hardships in roles using new technologies is key to foresee further successes.

Anticipate expectations in different departments, helps to establish a safe and calm atmosphere in a digital docs transformation.

Document-Based Processes

Information must be made available, accessible and usable – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Use simple elements to create opportunities to reinvent information, processes and technologies.

Small activities that drive efficiency and agility create better experiences, leveraging value creation.

Procedures based on records are not linked to capture procedures (although doing so yields great results).

These Sucess-On-Digital-Doc-Transformation-02transformations are related to procedural flexibilities, with an emphasis on proficiency and human experience.


Updates to work processes may be needed to improve the organization’s ability and quality of deliveries.

Improving documentation processes are strategies that can adapt to changing technologies / business information.

Understanding where new content will come in the future is critical to creating new information-related strategies.

This can include managing, filing and searching records, support documentation, document requests, and more.

The systems and technologies used in the digital docs transformation, must adapt to the organizational culture of the company.

In addition to reducing the length of process cycles, it should improve data protection according to compliances, laws and regulations.

Create strategies that fill the gaps between the present and the future in a changing world is a challenging yet beneficial challenge.

Ensure that records are placed in a simplified structure, creates a safe and comfort to everyone involved in the process.

Manual Workflow

A workflow can be to walk a information through approvals or deliver to a specific department.

Validate the documentation of a training or confirm the availability of product in stock, for example.

The process may involve locating a product, such as warehouse, block, or location, with the amount available in the inventory.

Then some procedure or automation can inform those responsible for authorizing the dispatch of the product.

Information can be filtered, separated, and directed to departments or functions related to the product.

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And finally, an employee can examine the package to find damages or inconsistencies and confirm that the product is ready.

Then the procedure is completed or else the cancellation with errors is done and the product is forwarded to other corrective processes.

Traditional Processes

A document-catch process can start when scanning an order or invoice and stored in a technology.

Technologies are not flawless, sometimes we need to manually overhaul to consider the true and valid information.

At this point, audit processes would be initiated.

Team-Digital Docs Transformation-03

But instead of physically locating the information, the confirmation is automated by scanning each line of data.

But this procedure is only a mechanized version of the manual process, not a process of digital docs transformation.

It is important to understand how processes are actually characterized considering their concepts, methods or technologies.

Reimagine a transformation that prioritizes perceptions, needs and expectations of customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Process Entries

The process of digital docs transformation could begin with the procedures in the capture interface.

Why go through the inconvenience and cost of registering an invoice or product information?

Now a days, there is no compelling reason to perform data entry unless there is a reviewer to confirm recorded information.

In addition, the technology used to perform the verification can be incorporated into the process, not to subsequent procedures.

The information can be examined through an automated classification process that organizes missing data.

Then, a confirmation step can choose a default template and compare the data submitted with that template.

This procedure could initially use the invoice or order number to find the correct information.

Then, instead of just finding and extracting information from the found reports, it would do a match check.

If the exact data is not displayed, the results will be separated with the loss information.

The validation could be carried out on a specific report, that would be inspected later on by the auditors.

In the digital docs transformation, the process can be recreated so that those responsible only reconcile inconsistent inputs and errors.

Unfortunately, traditional data entry technology is weak and difficult to integrate with innovations.

This results in a great rework to adapt with constant changes of content.

Simplify Innovation

A process of digital document transformation is more than paperless ideas for eliminating paperwork or mechanization of a manual process.

It is about renewing procedures to adjust, improve or anticipate the outcomes of activities, products and technologies.

Renewal concepts should include procedures, physical spaces, digital storage, recurring activities and maintenance.

Finally, ensure that training and support are made available to all involved by simplifying access and distribution of content with a cohesive security structure, allowing stakeholders to be communicated when needed.


Raphael Gonçalves Arias


Raphael Gonçalves Arias

Analista de Marketing de Produto da SoftExpert, Raphael Arias tem mais de 8 anos de experiência na indústria de TI. Atuou com consultoria e implantação de soluções SaaS em empresas do setor de logística e gerenciamento de riscos. É graduado em Sistemas de Informação e possui MBA em Marketing.

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