Managing a project is no easy task. If you were once a manager or part of a project team, you already know this. Situations such as delays, conflicts, poorly-defined scope, lack of resources, underestimated budgets and lack of interest are just some of the factors that help to undermine projects. But before tackling these issues, have you ever stopped to think about how your project is communicated? Better still, does your project have a communication plan?

In order to formulate a communication plan for any project, some questions should be answered first:

Who will receive the notifications and information of your project?

Are your target audiences directors, managers or project teams? Are there any stakeholders who are not part of your organization?

What type of information should they receive?

While some people love emails full of attached spreadsheets, others prefer plain text messages that go straight to the point.

How often do they want to or need to receive this information?

This is a critical step that should not be ignored. At this stage, we must also take into account our target audience.

What is the communication method that each stakeholder prefers for receiving this information?

Today we have a wide variety of means of communication such as email, messaging apps, phone calls, electronic conferences, face-to-face meetings etc. It is important to know the preferred method of the stakeholders.

In the White Paper “Communication Plan: Why Should Project Managers Prioritize It?” we talk about the importance of a communication plan in a project, the impacts and benefits, and why project managers need to prioritize it if they want to succeed.

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Gus Oliveira


Gus Oliveira

Gus Oliveira has a degree in Business Administration as well as a degree in Economics from The University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth (USA). Oliveira has experience in the software industry for Business Excellence also in the financial and business development field, working in large companies both in the United States and in Brazil as a financial analyst, business strategy consultant and a senior project consultant.

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