Many managers still believe that modeling and automating business processes are complicated and costly tasks. But, as you’ll see in this post, with the help of the right technology, process modeling and automation can be a simple and quick task, and not dependent on specialized technical expertise.

Business processes are the main engines of companies. The more institutionalized and automated the processes, the less dependence on people’s individual knowledge, and the faster things happen within companies. This increases employee efficiency, the pace of your business, as well as customer satisfaction.

Modeling business processes

Have a look at the process modeled in the SE Process below, for example. At first, you may find it tricky to design it to look this way- complete, but, at the same time, clear and understandable. Well, I can assure you, it’s very simple. The “drag and drop” feature offers agility and the tool itself provides features for creating the next activities.


Automating business processes

However, to put a process into action you have to define a few things first. An important issue is to define what information will be required in each activity. A great way to gather the necessary information is through the use of forms. And to maintain the ease of process modeling, we can use SE Form to model the form in the same manner: by dragging and dropping the data fields and arranging them into an attractive form!


Now it’s just a question of running it and monitoring its execution through the viewing panels, which demonstrate the overall situation, the delays and the person responsible for each process.

See how easy it is to model and automate business processes? Want to learn more about how it works? I produced a webinar where I show you how to do all this in 30 minutes (in truth, it took less time)! Watch it!

Watch it now

Tobias Schroeder


Tobias Schroeder

MBA in Strategic Management from UFPR. Business and market analyst at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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