Read this article to learn about the new SoftExpert Kanban widgets, which are here to make your team’s work flows even simpler.

Understanding what is happening with activity flows is the first step to proposing and applying improvements. That is why various aspects of activities need to be analyzed, such as time between stages, speed, deliveries and more.

SoftExpert Kanban Portal

To assist in the process of diagnosing SoftExpert Kanban activities, widgets are now available and can be found as of version 2.1.2 of the tool. These widgets are analyses using the SoftExpert Analytics structure, allowing for substantial flexibility in applying filters or choosing the type of graph, according to your needs.

Check out the SoftExpert Kanban widgets available in this version:

1 Lead Time by Activity Widget

The lead time widget shows the total duration of an activity, from the time it is created until it ends. This analysis allows for individual oversight of each activity, providing a more detailed assessment in situations that may diverge from the process. In addition to showing information, if necessary you can stratify time into hours as well as the time in each stage of your flow, making it easier to identify bottlenecks in the process.

Lead Time by Activity Widget

2 Lead Time by Histogram Widget

The lead time histogram shows information on activities grouped by their lead time. This analysis allows for monitoring of how much variation there is in the process, in addition to identifying points for attention within your flow, since it makes it easier to identify activities with a longer than normal lead time.

Lead Time by Histogram Widget

3 Average Lead Time by period Widget

The average lead time by period graph shows the evolution in your lead time over time, using the average lead time of the period as information. With this information, an analysis can be done on whether average delivery time is fluctuating within your flow.

Average Lead Time by period Widget

4 Throughput Widget

The throughput widget represents the amount of activities finalized within a time period according to activity type. The graph allows for an analysis of the progress of deliveries for the period, providing knowledge, for example, on the types of activities that are being finalized and whether the number of activities delivered is increasing or decreasing.

Throughput Widget

5 CFD Widget

The CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) is a graph for monitoring what is happening during the activity flow. The graph provides an understanding of how your process is evolving, along with the number of activities that need to be done, activities in progress and activities that have been finalized. The graph is split into each stage of your flow, meaning that possible points for attention can be analyzed.

CFD Widget

Now that you know about the new SoftExpert Kanban analysis tools, update to the latest version and take advantage of the tool’s new resources.

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Gustavo Moreira


Gustavo Moreira

Product Owner of the EAM solution at SoftExpert. MBA in IT Governance by Sustentare Business School.

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