New SoftExpert Suite Portals: Faster, easier, and your way

Building portals in SoftExpert Suite has become simpler and faster. Read our article and learn more about this new feature!

Data is the new language on the market, is not it? And to engage in this new business profile requires more than collecting and managing data. You must have the ability to interpret them fluently.

SoftExpert wants to expand its potential to read, work, analyze and discuss data. That’s why we have improved the creation and visualization of data in the SoftExpert Suite portals.

Flexible and responsive Layout:

SoftExpert Suite portals have gained a new layout and are fully flexible and redesigned to give you more freedom to build your data visualizations.

New SoftExpert portals

That way, you can meet the specific needs of your organization by putting decisive information in your hands, increasing the ability to make fast, accurate and critical decisions for your company’s success.

Widgets, Reviews and Visions all in one place:

 Data is the basis of your business. SoftExpert Suite Portals now have a new menu that makes information more accessible.

SoftExpert Corporate Portal

Here you will find the necessary Analyzes, Matrices, Visions and Widgets to create high-level dashboards and share insights in an easy and simple way, saving time and increasing the efficiency of your team.

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Gustav Dallmann Junior


Gustav Dallmann Junior

Specialist in software quality by Uniasselvi / SC. Product Owner of portal solutions, task counter and notifications at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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