Metas na avaliação de desempenho

Streamline your employees’ performance evaluation by associating their goals with individual and organizational goals.

Evaluating people and teams is no easy task. It demands effort, dedication and good judgment from everyone involved. This can be done with agility and efficiency at companies using the SoftExpert Competence solution.

With the release of version 2.1.6, this solution is even more complete and offers Performance Evaluation with targets. In addition to the ability to assess technical and behavior competencies, potential for growth, career and succession, evaluations can now also include employee deliveries.

Everything agreed

Establishing targets and goals for your employees and connecting them to their evaluation means that they will be able to work better by knowing what the company expects of them. With the new version of SoftExpert Competence, whether indicators are individual or organizational, managing them is simple and objective.

Performance evaluation

Easy planning and target management

SoftExpert Competence gives you total flexibility to create organizational, departmental and individual target plans. Completely new and independent targets can be entered into them or they can be associated with other components of the SoftExpert Suite. A target could, for instance, be associated with a Scorecard indicator in SoftExpert Performance. Or a specification can be made that an activity or an entire project in SoftExpert Project be related to a target for an employee or their area.

Target association

Like the new features? Then update your version of SoftExpert Suite now and start using these and other advancements!

Access the Release Notes now and check out all of the improvements and new features in SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.6!

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Laurides Dozol


Laurides Dozol

Especialista em Gestão Empresarial pela FGV. Analista de negócios e mercado na SoftExpert, fornecedora de softwares e serviços para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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