“Today we have a greater degree of reliability and availability of information with the use of SE Suite, which has proven to be very important in the maintenance of our Quality Management System.”

The SKW Group company Tecnosulfur operates in the steel industry and has operations in Brazil and Latin America. The company is the national leader in liquid metals and had revenues of approximately R$ 96 million in 2015.

The challenge

According to Tecnosulfur’s Quality Coordinator, José Eustáquio dos Reis, the company was facing the challenge of controlling and distributing more than 300 documents manually, in hard copy, as well as its QMS (procedures, work instructions and specifications of products and raw materials). In addition, the control and processing of non-conformities was also done manually, using paper forms.

The solution

To meet this challenge, the company automated the control of its operations with SoftExpert Excellence Suite by SoftExpert. The SE Action and SE Document modules were implemented, with computerized (web-based) control of non-conformity documents and processes. Approximately 30 users routinely use the tool in the Quality, Projects, Commercial, Purchasing, Production and Maintenance sectors.

SE Action helps organizations optimize the lifecycle of the entire Action Plan, from initial registration to approval, maintaining team communication and enhancing collaboration through the centralized control of task planning, execution, and monitoring.

SE Document is a solution for electronic document management that manages the content lifecycle, from the creation of the document until its final archiving or disposal.

The results

The company computerized the control of its documents and the corrective and preventive action processes in the Quality system. As a result, they were able to reduce time spent on this activity and the workforce engaged in these tasks, as well as improving the performance of the system in audits for the requirements of NBR: ISO 9001, eliminating non-conformities.

“Today, we have a greater degree of information reliability and availability with the help of SE Suite, which has proven to be very important for maintaining our Quality Management System. Besides the practicality and ease of use, the tools are very well thought out and efficient. The modules are fully integrated with management standards, which provides ease of mind for the management of the QMS,” Tecnosulfur Quality Coordinator, José Eustáquio dos Reis, claims.

According to Rafael de Oliveira Marques, a quality analyst and system user, with the software the company was able to eliminate a number of physical documents and better control the records of occurrences, providing greater agility and integration of employees in the handling of non-conformities.

The implementation of the system in the company was carried out by TNX Brasil, a partner of SoftExpert’s. “TNX Brasil has always responded to our needs quickly and efficiently. Their customer service has exceeded our expectations, by providing a high level of excellence, which is the reason we established the partnership. The technical team is constantly improving its knowledge in order to empower its customers, contributing substantially to the optimization and success in the use of the systems by the organization,” says Reis.

Next steps

The next step in the implementation project is using the SE Performance module to support the company’s Target Development Program. It is estimated that 500 indicators will be created based on the input of shareholders and even the factory floor operation.

Rodrigo Brum


Rodrigo Brum

Gestor de comunicação na SoftExpert, fornecedora de software para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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