Process efficiency and control of operations was improved with SoftExpert’s system for process automation and regulatory compliance.

Solution allows the company to comply with ISO 9001 certification requirements and optimize the work of employees.

Randon Consórcios is part of the service branch of Empresas Randon, one of the largest private groups in Brazil. Today, the company, which operates in six market segments, is a leader in large consortia and one of the largest administrators of real estate consortia. Over its 29 years of history, the company has sold more than 170,000 ownership shares and realized another approximately 80,000 ownership shares, which represents approximately R$ 7.5 billion in credits distributed among thousands of consortium members.

The Challenge

Randon Consórcios needed a solution to streamline communication and to facilitate the access and management of information, thus eliminating the need to print documents for distribution across jobs, and while satisfying ISO 9001 certification requirements.

The Solution

After an evaluation process, and taking into account the rigorous ISO regulatory requirements, Randon Consórcios adopted the SE Action Plan and SE Document solutions, modules of the SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite), a platform of corporate solutions for excellence in management, process improvement and regulatory compliance.

SE Action Plan helps organizations optimize the entire Action Plan lifecycle, from initial registration to final approval, allowing for team communication and improving collaborative efforts through the centralized control of planning, execution, and monitoring of tasks.

SE Document is a solution for the electronic document management that manages the lifecycle of content, from document creation to archiving or final disposal.

The Results

With SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite 2.0), Randon increased process efficiency and control of operations. With the tool, the company was able to improve organizational practices, streamlining communication and information management, while satisfying the ISO 9001 certification requirements.

Gabriela Ricardo dos Reis, from the company’s Quality department, reports that the task control and management functions to be executed enable deadline control and monitoring of the execution of processes.

“All employees have electronic access to documents and procedures, thus facilitating access to information, avoiding the need to print and distribute documents at workstations, and, after each review, the system sends notifications to users, allowing for agility in the communication of any changes and the notification of the changes made,” says Gabriela.

Using the tool, the Quality sector can quickly check the status of actions through reports. With regard to document management, SE Suite allows for control over any changes, avoiding rework and increasing the efficiency of the process.

“It would be much more complex if we did not use the system. The time taken to do these things would be much greater and, therefore, a more costly activity, and the more the system facilitates and streamlines our work, the more time we have to devote to improvements and innovation activities that can provide greater benefits for the company,” says Gabriela.

According to Gabriela, the SE Action Plan and SE Document modules are aligned with the ISO 9001 certification requirements, allowing Randon Consórcios’ employees to use the system without the need for parallel controls.

“As all employees have electronic access to the system, they can easily access documents, procedures and information about the processes. The ease of control and generating reports provides speed and agility for accessing data, action plans and documents, with a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to show this information to auditors.

“The solution was implemented by ITSX, SoftExpert’s commercial partner, and, according to Gabriela, efficiently met the team’s need for compliance with existing Randon processes.” The ITSX consulting team was very competent and willing to help solve problems quickly and efficiently,” Gabriela adds.

Next Steps

Randon Consórcios intends to expand the scope of the project and implement it in more areas of its operations. The objective is to integrate other areas of management with the use of the system. We see an opportunity to expand the use of the tool to handle customer complaints from the Customer Service Center and ombudsman. In addition, we intend to adopt the SE Action Pack for process mapping. We have also evaluated using the module for risk management and indicators.

Learn more:

You can learn more about ISO 9001 certification by visiting the site: International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

You can learn more about the SoftExpert solution that easily manages, tracks and reports all quality indicators, in real time, ensuring compliance with ISO at: SoftExpert Excellence Suite.

There, you can also find a repository of knowledge, with several eBooks, webinars and White Papers on a number of management topics.

Rodrigo Brum


Rodrigo Brum

Gestor de comunicação na SoftExpert, fornecedora de software para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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