SoftExpert Competence

See how easy competency mapping became. Associate requirements to areas, functions and processes and replicate to employees.

Competency mapping is essential for companies to be successful, contributing to the development of skills, behavior and values.

SoftExpert Competence is a powerful tool that helps companies manage competencies, and now it’s even better. With the release of version 2.1.7, the competency mapping function has new features that make it even more complete. The new features include:

Unified mapping

Now you can map organizational competency and processes in one place, and it is possible to map competencies with other SoftExpert Suite entities such as team and functional role. We have also added other organizational mapping options, such as mapping all areas, functions or specific organizational units and their sub-levels.

Competence mapping view

It’s even easier to map competencies

You no longer need to list competencies one by one for each area or function. Once a competency is mapped on higher levels, lower levels can automatically inherit the competency. For example, if the competency “interpersonal relations” is a necessary requirement for all collaborators, select “All” and link this competence so that all collaborators have this requirement in their profile. Similarly, imagine required knowledge for a particular area or function: just assign it to the area/function and all the employees in the area will have this competency as a necessary requirement.

Competence mapping diagram

Competence mapping

Role requirements in employee profiles

The employee will inherit the mapping of the entities he is associated with (area, function, role etc.). If there is any mapping by process/activity, the system will also show them. Competencies are always accompanied by a tag that indicates the type of mapping (organizational, process/activity or inherited).

Employee profile

Evaluation of competencies

You can choose the kind of mapping to be considered in the competency evaluation. In addition to the selection of existing organizational and process/activity competencies, you can define whether the inherited requirements of teams, roles and even individuals should be evaluated.

Evaluation plan

See how the competency mapping feature has improved? Update your version to take advantage of these improvements and the other new features in version 2.1.7.

Access the Release Notes now and check out all of the improvements and new features in SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.7!

Access Release Notes



Laurides Dozol


Laurides Dozol

Especialista em Gestão Empresarial pela FGV. Analista de negócios e mercado na SoftExpert, fornecedora de softwares e serviços para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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