SoftExpert Kanban

SoftExpert Kanban: initiative and sub-activity management

See what’s new in SoftExpert Kanban version 2.1.7: create initiatives and sub-activities to improve your team’s task management.

SoftExpert is constantly improving its products by incorporating new functions, making the solutions more robust and easier to use. In this respect, SoftExpert Kanban is full of new features.

Initiative Management with SoftExpert Kanban

To facilitate the management of large-scale activities, from version 2.1.7 onwards, the concept of Initiatives is developed in the system. This improvement consists in presenting all the activities linked to an objective in a centralized manner, whether common or other initiatives.

In addition to providing a macro view, SoftExpert Kanban allows you to create a relationship with activities in different Workspaces. In this way, management can understand the dependencies between teams, as well as how far the initiative has progressed and what is still needed before delivery.

With this new feature, the manager has access to a differentiated view of initiatives from the Backlog, with the option of applying quick filters to plan the pending activities. Gantt chart visualization also makes grouping in the initiatives possible, giving the manager an understanding of the hierarchy of activities.

Sub-activities in SoftExpert Kanban

Another new feature in Kanban version 2.1.7 is the ability to create sub-activities, allowing you to break down an activity into smaller tasks, including having different people responsible for each record. The system also allows the user to define types of sub-activities in Workspace, including defining the flow, which need not be the same as the main activity.

In addition, when viewing the board, these activities are visible to the team with a distinct look and grouped according to their parent activity, allowing you to quickly understand their relationships.


Aimed at making the user experience even better, you can now edit activity data with a drawer. This way, the user can view the board while editing the record, improving the ergonomics of the component.

All of this is now ready for you to use. Simply update your SoftExpert Suite version and start enjoying these new features and other improvements.

Access the Release Notes and learn more about all the improvements and new features in SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.7!

Access Release Notes

    Bruna Borsalli


    Bruna Borsalli

    Business Analyst at SoftExpert Software, holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Univille. Experienced in EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) and a Quality Management specialist as well as a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 | 14001 | 45001 Integrated Management Systems.

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