With the fast pace of constant change and innovation throughout the technology ecosystem, 2016 saw some developments that were expected, as well as some unexpected developments. We have witnessed the Cloud reaching its turning point, the consolidation of ERPs, and artificial intelligence becoming a topic of everyday discussion.

We are going through an exciting time in the Solutions for Organizational Excellence business! Let’s keep an eye on these three crucial trends this year?

1. Solutions go beyond inputting data

By 2017, analytics will provide unparalleled visibility of every penny planned and every penny spent, and will allow critical decision making in an informed and predictable manner.

In addition to ERP, business management solutions for customer relations, marketing, human resources and supply chain will go beyond simply being a data recording system.

Business solutions will become systems for engagement and insight. Users will also demand that their solutions automate workflows and enable real-time responses, collaboration and decision making based on concrete data.

2. CFOs will become involved with the customer experience

By 2017, more than half of all businesses will be based entirely on service-related revenue. The growth of the service economy, and the importance of renewing service contracts in this newly-dominant industry, will force CFOs to become more attentive to the customer experience.

CFOs will have to engage in more dialogue with CIOs, CMOs and Product VPs due to the increasing importance of the customer experience.

To support this change, successful software companies will have to deliver tools that consolidate billing sources, support and automate new revenue models, and provide end-to-end visibility along the entire customer lifecycle.

3. The cloud passes the turning point

Delaying the implementation of a cloud platform will no longer be an option in 2017. Companies will bet everything on the cloud, and at a faster pace, as they seek new resources for financial management, professional services and human capital management solutions.

The recent acquisition of NetSuite by Oracle is one of the biggest “turn-arounds” of the last decade. Delaying the adoption of a cloud platform will no longer be an option, as every technology vendor seeks to migrate its customer base to a cloud-based infrastructure in 2017.

With most companies seeing the benefits of managing their companies in the cloud, those who do not follow, will be left behind.

With this in mind, take a moment to learn more about SoftExpert Excellence Suite! The most complete and modular solution to collaboratively meet all the critical demands for excellence in organizational performance, in a single integrated environment.

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Gus Oliveira


Gus Oliveira

Gus Oliveira has a degree in Business Administration as well as a degree in Economics from The University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth (USA). Oliveira has experience in the software industry for Business Excellence also in the financial and business development field, working in large companies both in the United States and in Brazil as a financial analyst, business strategy consultant and a senior project consultant.

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