Version control in the context of Document Management

Read this article and learn how to improve document version control in your organization to eliminate errors, simplify tasks and improve process integrity!

Prior to joining SoftExpert’s marketing department, I spent a number of years working in consulting. I was responsible for understanding the challenges of every customer and for helping them overcome these challenges by implementing SoftExpert solutions for automation and improving business processes, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

When the project scope involved document management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM), there were often questions, and even debates, about how to handle version control of documents. While some advocated numerical version control, others preferred alphabetic control, and so the debate continued.

The best way to manage document version

People often failed to understand that with the implementation of a software, they no longer had to worry about it. Regardless of the method used, an ECM solution will always ensure that users have access to the latest version of a document.

Version control is one of the most critical parts of an enterprise content management system.

Can you imagine sending a customer a business proposal based on last year’s price list?

It is here that document management software shows its real benefits. Tools such as SoftExpert ECM were designed incorporating these controls and for simplifying the daily routines of users.

  • The system takes over the management of versions automatically. Version control no longer needs to be done manually by users.
  • The tool adapts to the version control methodology of the company.
  • Users no longer need to use a master list to see if they are using the latest version of a document.
  • Users also no longer have to worry about updating the master list, as this is done automatically.

Single repository and greater reliability

Since documents are available in a single, trusted repository, people can focus on other business activities. The system prevents the occurrence of multiple versions of the same document, which often causes problems and reduces productivity.

How to improve your document management system

The system controls not just the version, but also all changes made to the document. It records information such as date of modification, the modification made, and who made it.

The information in the body of the document is also updated automatically whenever the document changes, eliminating the chance of something being left out and leading to inconsistencies. The system alters the revision code from 00 to 01, from AA to AB, and so on. It also shows the modification date and who was responsible for creating the document and approving the latest version of the document.

If you need to print a document, the software applies a watermark showing whether the copy is controlled or not. In addition, it manages the number of printed copies, where the document is available for consultation and who is responsible for it.

In summary, automated tools streamline and simplify many tasks that were previously handled manually. Technology ensures greater document security and integrity, so that business processes can flow faster.

Learn more about how these tools can improve your business!

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Marcelo Becher


Marcelo Becher

Specialist in Strategic Management from PUC-PR. Business and market analyst at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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