How can customer complaints be quickly resolved?

Learn how customer complaints have helped companies to gain higher rates of satisfaction while simultaneously improving products and services.

How can customer complaints be quickly resolved?


Dealing with customer complaints is part of the daily activities at companies. After all, companies are not perfect which can lead to situations where consumers of their products and services may not be pleased.

This fundamental, because it provides opportunities for improvement and helps in planning and directing the company’s efforts to streamline activities.

Nevertheless, a quality relationship with customers depends on good communication. They need to find a way to connect and get in touch with the company.

These communications can take place in various ways:

  • Telephone calls
  • E-mails
  • Social networks.

A centralized electronic platform is crucial to streamline processing of complaints, regardless of their origin. A fast response is one way to show that the company cares about the customer and is willing to help.

Managing customer complaints through a centralized platform can bring benefits to the company, such as:

1. Providing greater visibility and control

Communication through a centralized platform helps organizations to better understand complaints as well as market perceptions of their products and services. By identifying areas of weakness, it will be easier for organizations to develop improvements and satisfy their customers.

2. Guarantee traceability of all events

A centralized environment allows complaints to be organized and processed in different ways, according to priority, product or service involved. Moreover, it allows for oversight of each step in the process, from registration to verification of the efficacy of actions. The system’s capacity to distribute and track tasks electronically resolves the challenges of controlling timelines and responsibilities.

3. Accelerate processing and improve decision-making

With the electronic process, all necessary parties are automatically involved and notified. Manual controls done through e-mail, paper documents or spreadsheets can be eliminated.

Electronically managed processes create more reliable statistics, meaning decisions are made with greater assurance.

Keeping customers happy is fundamental to staying competitive in any segment. To overcome these challenges, it is also fundamental to have the support of the right technology.

SoftExpert can help your company manage complaint processes and continually elevate your customers’ satisfaction.

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Marcelo Becher


Marcelo Becher

Specialist in Strategic Management from PUC-PR. Business and market analyst at SoftExpert, a software provider for enterprise-wide business processes automation, improvement, compliance management and corporate governance.

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