Now, thousands of SoftExpert users can enjoy the benefits of DocuSign, the worldwide leader in eSignature management.

The integration of SoftExpert Document with DocuSign has come to simplify start to finish signature-dependent processes, providing a faster and safer way for signing digital documents.

Goodbye paperwork

Integrating DocuSign speeds up the collection of signatures on documents such as contracts, agreements and purchase orders through direct electronic signature to the system, without the need to print or scan physical copies.

Here’s how simple it is:

From version 2.0.15, documents managed by SoftExpert Document can be signed with DocuSign during the review flow.

SoftExpert & DocuSign

The user receives a notification with a secure link to access the document by e-mail. So just scan and sign electronically.

SoftExpert & DocuSign

After all flow users have signed up, the completed document is saved automatically at SoftExpert Document, where it will be controlled and available for consultation.

This combination of ECM and eSignatures streamlines document approval, accelerates results, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

Main Benefits:

  • Use of the number 1 solution in electronic signatures in the world;
  • More agility in the flow and management of documents;
  • Collection of signatures of people who do not have access to SoftExpert Suite;
  • Electronic signature without the need for a digital certificate.

It’s simple, fast and secure.

If you are new here, I invite you to learn about other features that have already been implemented in SoftExpert Documents:

Everaldo Mafra


Everaldo Mafra

ECM solution Product Owner at SoftExpert, with more than 18 years of experience . Post graduate in Project Management by Sustentare.

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