Read this article and learn about the 4 ways that content management solutions can improve operational efficiencies in any business.

Solutions for enterprise content management (ECM) are important for good business performance for a number of reasons. Defining and adopting content management strategies can increase collaboration, process efficiency and information security. This applies to any company, regardless of its size or market segment.

The demands that involve documents in everyday activities can be handled in a simple way. This way you can spend less time organizing and locating documents, and you can spend more time serving your customers and getting new business.

Here are 4 reasons why enterprise content management solutions are a key element for increasing operational efficiency in organizations:

1. They guarantee a detailed view of the processes

ECM tools allow you to have visibility and control over all the documentation generated in business processes. More than that, they allow for monitoring the situation of the documents, identifying bottlenecks and defining actions to improve and increase the efficiency of processes.

Automating enterprise content management processes maximizes productivity. In addition, it ensures you have control over documents and related activities. These solutions also include complete audit trails. With them, it is possible to monitor the various operations performed on the documents registered in the system, as well as the users who performed them. It is even possible to identify and analyze any unauthorized access that may have occurred.

2. They allow you to find content in an easy and intuitive way

Importing documents automatically and making them available for instant consultation are features that can be found in enterprise content management tools.

This results in productivity improvements that can be observed both internally and by customers. Instant access to documents enables employees to deliver higher quality services, providing immediate responses for customers.

Paper documents or documents archived in folders may inadvertently have their order changed or may be mislaid, resulting in a lot of inconvenience. A well-defined content management strategy will help you organize emails, documents, spreadsheets and drawings and find information easily and quickly.

3. They allow for content sharing and collaboration

Sharing documents between different departments, or even with customers and suppliers, is a common task in any company. Currently, cloud or email tools make this task very simple. However, the risk of inadvertently sharing a confidential document may seriously harm the company. Usually the situation cannot be reversed.

Collaboration is another great benefit provided by ECM solutions. Several users can work on the same document in a single environment, where all changes are controlled. You are guaranteed to be working on the correct and latest version of the document. This eliminates the exchange of emails, trying to control the changes in documents.

4. They help your business grow

Mature ECM tools can support business and business growth for a long time. Probably, at the outset, not all product features will be required. However, they may meet other needs in the future. The company does not have to worry about being “locked in” because the solution will adapt to any new needs.

In addition, these solutions offer a variety of security levels, allowing you to control who can access, edit or delete information such as internal users, customers, vendors or other business partners. This security control helps enforce internal information security policies and external regulatory demands.

As we have seen in this article, content management solutions enable you to improve control over critical information, ensuring that processes attain higher levels of productivity and efficiency. In addition, well-defined content management strategies can provide immediate results.

Marcelo Becher


Marcelo Becher

Spécialiste en gestion stratégique par PUC-PR. Business et analyste de marché chez SoftExpert, un fournisseur de logiciels et de services pour l’automatisation et l’amélioration des processus d’affaires, la conformité réglementaire et la gouvernance d’entreprise.

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