SoftExpert has just launched a new product to enhance your food safety management system: SE Food Safety. Read this article and learn more.

The quality and safety of the foods and beverages we consume is very important, and to ensure the delivery of risk-free products to consumers, companies need to take certain precautions with their processes.

Many of these practices can be found in the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) methodology, which has been adopted in many parts of the world, not only to ensure the safety of food products, but also to reduce costs and increase profitability, because it helps to minimize losses.

HACCP contributes to health and consumer satisfaction and makes companies more competitive, providing opportunities to expand their possibilities for gaining new markets, as the methodology serves as a basis for the principal norms and regulations of the sector, such as ISO 22000.

Production process flow diagram

SoftExpert and food safety

Understanding the importance of technology in this sector, and aiming to offer a better product for the food and beverage industry, SoftExpert has just launched a new product: SE Food Safety.

SE Food Safety is based on the principles adopted by HACCP. It allows for the identification and control of biological, physical or chemical hazards for the health of the consumer at specific points in the food preparation process (called Critical Control Points) in order to avoid or eliminate them, or reduce them to safe levels.

Hazard analysis and monitoring

SE Food Safety facilitates the work of quality and food safety managers and supervisors in several steps:

  • Identification and analysis of the risks and procedures most likely to cause food-related illnesses;
  • Validation of the flow chart of the food production process;
  • Implementation of (preventive) control measures to keep significant risks under control;
  • Identification of Critical Control Points, with the aid of decision trees;
  • Monitoring of control procedures;
  • Management of the corrective actions applied when deviations from established critical limits occur;
  • Establishment of verification and documentation procedures.

And, most importantly, SE Food Safety helps organizations meet and comply with international standards and norms, including ISO 22000, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes, HACCP, SQF, FSSC 22000 and IFS.

Would you like to learn more about SE Food Safety? Watch this video demo.

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Thober Detofeno


Thober Detofeno

Mestre em Métodos Numéricos pela UFPR, professor de ensino superior na UDESC e Product Owner das soluções de gestão de riscos na SoftExpert.

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