SoftExpert Kanban: simplified activity management

Kanban is a visual management system used to control activities and work flows by using columns and cards that allow people to understand the direction and progress of the organization’s activities and to gain an understanding of work that needs to be done quickly. With Kanban, users are able to monitor the flow of activities from the time they are created, finding activities to execute according to defined priorities, monitoring where activities have been and identifying which steps are still required to deliver them.

With visual management, it is easy to understand and distribute activities among resources along with the amount of work to be done and what deliveries have already been made. But it is especially simple to identify where bottlenecks are located in the process; that is, the steps in the flow where activities usually accumulate. This is a huge help in improving decision-making and in implementing improvements to the process.

Learn about SoftExpert Kanban in 4 steps:

1 – Map the work flow

Define the types of activities that may exist at your organization and the stages that an activity can have, assembling your work flows and defining which fields will be shown to users. As many flows as necessary can be created and, if preferred, a single flow can serve various teams.

2 – Define your team’s work area

Configuring the work area, which is known as the workspace in the SoftExpert Suite, is the main point for system configuration. The participants, security data, notification configurations, parameters for the Kanban columns and the associations between flows and activity types are all defined in the workspace. Each workspace will be one Kanban board.

3 – Controlling activities

With the workspace created and configured, the Kanban board is ready to be used, with the columns shown according to the user’s definitions. Activities can be created in Kanban, updating their status, defining responsible parties and understanding what is happening right now. The system also allows activities to be grouped and filters applied for better analysis.


4 – Stratify information

With the work flow happening, information needed to carry out analyses can be obtained using a specific consultation of activities or in conjunction with SoftExpert Analytics.


Ensure your team’s agility without losing control of activities!

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    Gustavo Moreira


    Gustavo Moreira

    Product Owner da solução de EAM na SoftExpert. Com MBA em Governança em TIC pela Sustentare - Escola de Negócios.

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