SoftExpert Document and ClickSign: Ensuring authenticity in a practical way

Thousands of SoftExpert users can now count on the security and convenience of the ClickSign electronic signature solution (eSignature).

The joining of SoftExpert Document with ClickSign is here to streamline the digital document electronic authentication process in a quick and secure manner.

No bureaucracy

The integration of ClickSign speeds up the signing of documents such as contracts, agreements and purchase orders with electronic signatures performed directly in the system, without the need to print or scan physical documents.

End-to-end simplicity

Starting with version 2.1, documents managed in SoftExpert Document can be signed with ClickSign during the review process.

Sending Document to ClickSign with SoftExpert Document
Sending Document to ClickSign with SoftExpert Document

The user receives an email notification with a secure link to access the document. The user just has to review the document and sign it electronically with ClickSign.

SoftExpert Document example with ClickSign
SoftExpert Document example with ClickSign

After all users involved have signed it, SoftExpert Document automatically saves the document, where it is managed and available for consultation.

The combination of ECM and eSignatures speeds up document approvals, accelerates results, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

ClickSign main benefits:

  • The electronic signature solution is already recognized in the market;
  • Greater agility in the flow and management of documents;
  • It allows for the collection of signatures from people who do not have access to SoftExpert Suite;
  • Electronic signatures without the need for a digital certificate.

It’s simple, fast and secure

If you’re new here, I invite you to learn about the other features that have been implemented in SoftExpert Suite:

Laurides Dozol


Laurides Dozol

Especialista em Gestão Empresarial pela FGV. Analista de negócios e mercado na SoftExpert, fornecedora de softwares e serviços para automação e aprimoramento dos processos de negócio, conformidade regulamentar e governança corporativa.

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